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Corporate Wellness programs are an essential component for companies to show appreciation for their employees while increasing employee moral simultaneously. Incorporating wellness programs can indirectly reduce the rising cost of annual insurance expenses, worker’s compensation and healthcare claims with the benefit of having a healthier and more efficient workforce.

One of the biggest problems with many employees today is they're stressed out and holding tension in various locations throughout their bodies causing many issues. This affects their posture, body alignment, the way they breath, and move which impacts their overall quality of life.

Relaxation chair massage is the perfect solution because it helps to decrease tension, relieve stress, and increase circulation. It also reduces injuries to the musculoskeletal system and cumulative trauma disorders such as back injuries, carpal tunnel, and neck strain.


Relaxation chair massage is an effective way  for employees to decompress from the pressure they face with work demands and keeping their actual life in order. This can help decrease absent workers or high turnover due to work related stress. It can help increase productivity and the overall moral of the company. In return they will perform optimally and increase revenues. 


If you see how your business can benefit from relaxation chair massages, please reach out. I ultimately want to be a contributing factor to the success of your company! 



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